Most of the illustrations that I’ve uploaded were for stories and blogs. I did experiment a lot in the years and what you see here is a part of the results. The basis is always a drawing of some kind, which gets embellished by ink, painting, photo or computer (and sometimes all of them). If you are interested in hiring me for an illustration it’s very fine if you point out which style you would like. I will try to accommodate as much as possible. At least in this way you get a sense of my range and my limitations.

Illustration for the online story by Kevin Headley, Wie redt de redder, can be read here

Illustration for the short novel De dokter in het donker by Charles van Wettum, published by Stichting Fantastische Vertellingen, to be ordered here

Illustration for a concert of four bands in Popradar, Den Haag.

Basis in ink, colored with acrylics and aquarelle

For a short story about parallel selfs in a world gone mad.

Three drawings and the three basic computer-colors overlayed in computer

For a fantasy story with, you guessed it, dragons

Basis in ink, colored with computer

For a blog about art and the how and why of myth-creating

Basis pencil and ink, gouache and red fineliner for color

More dragons, this time swimming. It now functions for an interesting comics-project with another artist for whom I will write scenario’s.

Basis black ink, colored with computer

For a column in a magazine.

basic ink, manipulated and colored with computer

Basis ink, colored with computer

The Jouffas play with fire. Illustration for a story and also cover wraparound of a magazine. (nk and coloring by computer)

Gift for someone who loves Barbarella

Pencil and acrylics on paper.

Illustration for a short story.

Basis ink, computer photo and color

Illustration for a poem about the elder Asterix & Obelix. In as honest imitation of Uderzo as I could get. Such an amazing artist.

Ink, colors computer

Trying out the liquid acryllics I’d bought. Just a fun cartoon of suburban madness

Illustration for a short story about a young Trump

Pencil ink and acryllics

For a blog about the horrible shooting in Paris, the Bataclan during the Eagles of Death Metal concert (a band that doesn’t play deathmetal.) The flame is an upside down heart.

Ink, color with computer (thoigh I now wished I’d done that color by hand)

Illustration for blog

Ink and second layer color with blue felt-tip

Illustration short story about a girl who rolled her eyes so hard they came free from her head

Pencil & ink

Illustration short story

Ink and template

Illustration short story


Illustration blog

Indian ink

Illustration poem

Indian ink

Illustration blog

Basis ink, coloring with felt-tip and computer

Blog about J Mascis and Neil Young

Two layers, one in ink, the other in crayon

For blog

Two layers, ink and felt-tip, manipulation with computer

Blog about Bernie Sanders

Ink, washed ink and crayon (no layers)

Illustration for blog about William Burroughs & Keith Haring

Ink, colored with computer, two layers, bottom layer crumpled paper with text

Illustration blog

Ink & computer

Illustration short story

Ink on paper

Illustration short story

ink & computercolors

Blog about the problematic cultural tradition of Sinterklaas & Zwarte Piet

Ink inversed with computer

Illustration short story ‘Do you still remember the password?’

Ink, photo, two layers (at least?)

Illustration blog

Ink & computer

Illustration blog


Illustration blog

Ink inversed in computer

Illustration for blog

Ink brush, computer

Illustration short story

Multiple layers, ink, pencil

Illustration blog.

Ink, pencil, four layers, crayon, stuff, quite complicated in the end

For a blog

Ink & computer color

For a blog

Ink and computer colors

Break-ups are horrible. Illustration for a poem about recent break-up.

Ink, crayon, Big pen and computer

Falling in love is easy. Illustration for a blog about Dutch 80s band Doe Maar

Ink, crayon and computer