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29/05 – 06/05 – 2023 De Casino Concertzaal Stationstraat 104 9100 Sint Niklaas (België)

Two new ink drawings

I guess looking at a drawing I made about a year ago inspired me to take the brush in hand and make another such. It’s the face on the left and it started with the eyes. from there on it…

Illustration short story

Recently I was asked by the online platform De Optimist, to make an illustration for the short story Wie redt de redder by Kevin Headley. I used multiple materials on white cardboard. You can read the story here, Dutch only.

Golden oldie with a story

Two people looking out over the distance. She seems in her own thoughts, considering the darkness. The other sees the sun and the sea, a seagull on his side. She has a crown of silver floating over her head. The…

Price hikes

Due to the constant price hikes everywhere and especially with food I’m forced to raise the prices of my works, unfortunately.

Illustration long story

Last year I was asked to make the book cover for the debut by Charles van Wettum, De doktor in het donker (Dutch only), a Dutch sciencefiction writer. I made this with mixed media, mostly water color. The original is…


Welcome to the site of the visual works of Marcel Ozymantra. See the paintings, the illustrations, designs, drawings or comics and how creative he works with the world, materials and ideas. in case you are interested in purchasing one of…